Who We Are

We are RONIN, a financial management and education services company. We are a group of experts in the fields of legal, accounting, and finance who have helped set up, scale, and successfully exit startups.

Our Mission

Our mission is to open up the road of entrepreneurship to a more diverse group of Filipinos by giving them proper financial guidance and education.

What We Offer

For early-stage startups, we offer consultancy and outsourced Chief Financial Officer services needed to build a sound financial infrastructure for raising capital.
For financial services companies, Ronin has laddered and customized training programs plus an educational portal to train and assess the team’s literacy in a wide range of topics: the stock market, financial instruments, debt management, and behavioral finance.
Whether you're a startup or a brick-and-mortar company, it's been Business Unusual for us all. Learn how to grow and win in the new normal -- invest, win investments, and do marketing and selling right. Learn more here:

Your Best Partners

Comprised of experts in the fields of legal, accounting, and finance who have helped set up, scale, and successfully exit startups. Headed by its Chairman, Malaya A. Laraya, MBA, CIS, CSR, RFP who has over 30 years of experience in the stock market, mutual funds, banking, insurance, real estate, and startups, and has taught professionally in local and international institutions.

We’ve conducted courses for these great companies


Santiago Arnaiz

Day 3 Innovations - Founder

Hard pivots are par for the course when it comes to startup ventures. Even before we began offering our products and services commercially, we knew we’d be redefining our business many times over. So we knew that what we needed was a strategic partner who understood our long-term vision to not only lay down the foundation for a sound financial model, but also work with us to regularly transform it to meet our ever-changing needs. Experience, expertise, flexibility, and foresight—we found all that and more with Ronin.

Erika Modina

Project Fort - Founder / CEO

As someone who just started a company, Ronin was our backbone through all the financial, legal, and administrative requirements. Their services go beyond making things easier for you as they teach you how to be strategic with your resources and instill having attention to detail throughout. Without Ronin, we wouldn't be able to navigate the startup ecosystem, much more doing it flawlessly during a pandemic.

John Ed Dela Cruz

Business Owner

Through in-depth discussion, we're encouraged to regularly focus on our goals in life & then plan our finances accordingly. This approach fully integrates life and financial plans and makes a lot of practical sense to me. I really appreciate how well Aya can simplify what's normally a very complex subject. He also keeps us up-to-date with the latest changes in the field which allows us to adjust our mindset to suit the times.

Stephanie Ng

(Aya's program) allowed me to deepen my understanding of economics, behavioral finance, and financial planning, which can definitely help me add more value to my clients.